Friday, September 03, 2010

pink clouds.......

Friday night reflections are in order....... the wine is poured.  Five words to describe where I am and how I am right now?  For you my emerald friend Pip.


I keep returning to the music that has brought me comfort as I sit outside catching the coolish breath of the evening breezes.  I have spent a great deal of summer time sitting exactly where I am tonight.... on my back deck, alone inhaling the essence of spiritual peace.  I feel a sense of connective oneness with my view, my surroundings, my home.  It is a place where I feel safe to reflect....... to be myself with my hair down, my feet up, and my mind open to whatever happens to filter through the complications.  I don't usually write out here.  If there isn't someone here enjoying the peace of the evening, I usually sit quietly absorbing the music that touches a tenderspot....the sweet spot of my soul.  I keep returning to that music.  It seems to blend into me..........with ease..........

I am blessed.... so lucky to be where I am, to be who I am, to live the life I do.  I am blessed to be cared for and loved unconditionally.  I am blessed in having many in my life whom I can love. God seems close by tonight.  I feel His presence.

Tonight, the clouds have rolled in.  There will be no star gazing. The moon is taking a break.  Surprisingly, the last vestiges of the sun peaked through the clouds revealing a pink glow like cotton candy.  The view brought me to this place of peace.......... to a place where I can honestly list those five words with a smile and a quieted heart. 

Despite the calmness all around me, as well as inside me, there is an electric anticipation of what is about to take place.  Earl is hovering off the east coast ready to smackdown somewhere close by.  Whether it will touch Fredericton is debatable.  Chances are, it will hit the coast of Nova Scotia.  We'll receive some wind and rain...... enough to hopefully drench my woeful looking parched garden which I'm sorry to say I have neglected this summer.  Cooler air will prevail again too.  I'm looking forward to the change.  The heat and humidity has been oppressive all week long. 

Satisfaction reigns too.  After a couple of months of much needed wandering, September has arrived bringing with it a newness in thinking, feeling and doing.  I love this time of year.  The whole week has been jampacked filled with introductions, new connections, and greeting students who are just about to embark on something pretty darn important to them personally.  They have made huge decisions to further their education and have chosen the College as their route.  Lots of nervous energy in the middle of this heat wave and I am right in the middle of it.  And I have a bird's eye view.   

Just like I do tonight.............oh.........!  a few stars have peaked through........ It is a comfort-full evening after a busy wonderful week of doing the stuff I love to do best.... It feels damn good to reflect on so many new connections.   Let the music play on.........


Carmi said...

The ebbs and flows of life have an amazing tendency to put us right where we need to be, to point us in the requisite direction to open our eyes and learn the lessons necessary for a better-lived life.

You've captured it perfectly here. May your skies continue to nurture you. And the rest of us.

awareness said...

thank you Carmi....nurturing is all around us........ just have to be open to it......letting the goodness in eh?