Thursday, September 30, 2010


St. Andrews, New Brunswick
August, 2010

Worn and well past their original purpose, these tide drifters have a new function.  Their storied eloquence have been gathered to create an eye catching sculpture.  

Parallel drifters and floating markers, 
weathered grey pallor aside worn rouge
nestled together in testimony.
Crooked lines settled with elderly ease 
gifts from the tides
queued in comfort 
as the grass grows between their pose.

This week's Photography theme is parallel.  My parallel is always a bit rough and crooked.  I like it that way.  For more takes on the theme, go visit my friend Carmi at Written Inc.  He lives here......


A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, very nice indeed! I like this pic a lot.

urbanmonk said...

bizarre coincidence... the word, "parallel"

Karen Sather said...

Not rough and crooked at all...really brings mindful memories of good times to me! and your comment compliments the photos!

Limar said...

That's a great picture! :)

Carmi said...

I like rough and crooked. It's a sign that whatever it is has lived a full life and has rich stories to tell.

Like the craggy face of my grandfather. I used to run my pudgy toddler's hand over it and ask him why he had wrinkles. And he'd tell me stories from a time when he looked much like I did then. And I understood where the wrinkles eventually came from.

Catherine said...

Nice photo, and parallel enough to fit the theme - I like rough and crooked, too.