Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Empathy turns Love into a verb.

For mercy has a human heart
Pity a human face
And love, the human form divine.
William Blake.

We strive to be authentic in our way of knowing, hoping it leads to a primordial fluttering of grace.

We reach out our hand to hold,
We step forward with our eyes open,
We understand with our open heart to understand.
Our capacity to love grows from seeds.
Sometimes when sorrow pounds on temples of loneliness, when fear rips open soiled hearts, when anger spits at crippled feet overused seeking solace, it takes one unleashed tiny beam of empathy to lighten big burdens. Empathy is the light shining beauty on purple welts.
Out of love grows compassion.
Out of compassion comes our ability to feel for others.

Empathy happens when your hearthreads reach out and wrap around someone else's hurt because you're curious to know what it's like to be them. It our best way of looking through someone else's lens.  Empathy is made from a merciful heart, a soft knowing smile, and the unconditional love of a curious human being.


A young boy on the verge of adolescence asks....... What does it feel like when someone wraps you up in their heartthreads?

You answer: 
a warm comforting cup of tea
a soft affirmation, like you matter
an engaging smile that pierces your heart
sharing tears
a nod of knowing 
eye contact that tells you they get it.
Its like having someone take the shawl from their shoulders to wrap you up in it like a cocoon. You can feel their heat, and smell their perfume.

Yes, but what do those things FEEL like? How does empathy make you feel?

Loved. Empathy makes you feel loved.

But how does love feel?

Like a a goodnight kiss when I tuck you in.
Like the feeling you have when you are surrounded by your best friends.
Like the joy of a free fall on a day when the sky is a September blue......into the arms of God.

oh. I always thought it felt like having a sleeping puppy on your lap.

you got it.........

ps.  Let your heartthreads wrap around someone in need today.  AND, let someone wrap theirs around YOU.   :)

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