Sunday, September 26, 2010

life's reality

Pour yourself a glass of complications, 
life never comes with ease.  
As much as we strive for simplicity, 
it just ain't in our genes.  

You could say you want only simple things, 
I can say I want the same, 
but when it comes to human interaction, 
it never works out that way. 

Let me be touched by the simple gifts,
do not mire me in doubt.  
Don't let strings snag my spirit
when I am trying to live without. 
Crumple up your demanding neediness, 
I have no time for that. 

Then again, what's life without complications?
Its how we interact. 
Its how we interact.
It's how we interact.

Complications add the spice in life.
Its the elixir in a drink.
Its what heighens our awareness
It's what forces us to think.

Without seeming mass confusion, 
there be no need for clarity.
Pour yourself a glass of complications
Sip on life's reality. 

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Jen said...


are you inside of my brain????