Sunday, September 26, 2010

it lingers.........

I hear it echo from distant dreams
soft chaunting hymns beckoning me
to return to its harmonic flame.

I see it shimmer through shards of light
beyond my reach, inviting me
to gaze into its radiating eyes.

I feel it caress from bewitching disorder
tempting my heart, luring me
to risk the soultouch sense of a kiss.

I taste it from memories of feasts
wild sensuous morsels, enticing me
to graze from a buffet of love offerings

I inhale it, fragrance of warm skin
lingering in breathless air, persuading me
to transform beyond intoxicating bliss. 

Not yet, I say.
Not yet.
I'm not ready to risk that kind of love again.
Let it linger all around me.
Let me gaze and graze on my own.....
I need time to explore territories
untouched, unseen, unknown. 
I need time to clear away cobwebs and conjure up new dreams
before I step out of the woods
and into the garden where true love grows.

The word at Sunday Scribblings is LOVE.  It's been a long time since I took part in this weekly exercise.  Good to stretch the creative juices again......... for more offerings, here is the link to their blog. 


Deborah said...

Lovely and such a wonderful sunset!

dasuntoucha said...

Your words linger...enjoyed reading them.

JanePoet/deborah said...

it is there, waiting, until the time is right ...

great take on the prompt, Dana!