Friday, February 19, 2010

the awakening of temptation

temptation may
steal away focus,
create internal conflict
shrug off moral reasoning
taste like nectar
leave a bitterness
catch your breath
tantalize thoughts
launch you into thin air
cry for freedom
frighten a grown man
start a new journey
tamper with dignity
strip down integrity
be gloriously sinful
stir a curious woman 
 shower you with shame
heighten your cravings
bait your spirit
harmonize two minds
be the answer to a great mystery
spark a lost soul
generate energy
kick you in the gut
knock you to your knees
create an obsession
fill you with shame
force you to confess
leave you wanting more.
Temptation entices a wandering passion in need of affirmation with its spicy bravado.   It spins self control on its side, wrapping it in an alluring flame with mesmerizing dreams. It chokes discipline leaving it impotent to that charismatic  serpent and charms you into playing out your unrelenting wishes.  Acting on a tantalizing temptation may alleviate the trembling ache of emptiness or it can fuel the heart with an burning desire for more.  Is the allure ever beyond judgment, or does it always embody sin?   

What tempts you?  Have you decided to acquiesce?  

'tis the winter season of Lent. A time for dark soul reflections, confessions and forgiveness. Lead us not into temptation.........


Susan Deborah said...

What a fitting post for this time of Lent. How well you have described the ramifications of temptation.

My Pastor always says: Five+Two words: AVOID and NO.

Enjoy the Lent.

Joy and peace,

awareness said...

Susan....what I've learned this week while reading and contemplating Lent is just that, but to embrace it and not consider it as suffering.

Kay said...

the way you describe temptation, leaves no room for 'sin' so much as fulfilling self. makes me want to dive right in...but then you mention lent... guess it's good i'm not catholic :)

awareness said...

Kay...Me TOO! :) Want to dive right in there. When I was originally thinking about what temptation meant to me, I automatically thought of the line in the Lord's Prayer. But, then when I started writing down what it can do and where it can lead, i realized there was a positive side to it as well as a enticing side to it that may be a ......... hhhhhmmmmmm a little bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

I found the poem very powerful. You've tracked temptation through many of its haunts.

Anonymous said...

OH! Mwahahahaha....what a post, Dana!

Recognizing the desires of my shadow side, acknowledging them instead of shoving them away, and then finding a less damaging way to express those desires....THAT is how I try (TRY) to deal with temptation.


And personally, I don't consider those desires sinful.

Gypsy said...

I hereby confess that I am very bad at resisting temptation....

JP/deb said...

I sometimes wonder if temptation isn't the soul asking for more?

Anonymous said...

Gypsy...that made me laugh!

I am, too.
I've discovered that every part of me is holy, even the parts that have made questionable decisions or acted irresponsibly. God created me unique and He loves me beyond what my limited vocabulary can express, so I'm not about to label parts of myself as "bad".

This is heresy to a lot of people, namely the ones I grew up going to church with, but this is the way I've come to understand God, and it feels instinctual and holy.

I have experienced pain and suffering as a direct result of some of my poor behaviors, so I know there's always a price to pay.

awareness said...

Jason... thank you. I wrote it last year and decided to tweak it and repost it. I like the word you used to describe it........ haunts. I think that describes the nuance of temptations beautifully. they truly do haunt us don't they?

awareness said...

Jen.... good on ya...! Redirecting them is a good plan. Make them work for you. Temptations often lead to wonderful creativity. :)
I don't think these desires are sinful either.

Gypsy.....may you always enjoy the fruits of your journey.

Deb...good question! or maybe the soul identifying a need that requires attention.

awareness said...

Jen... recognizing what's behind the need to follow through on a temptation, and why surely helps in at least justifying our actions. :) There is always a cause and an effect..... isn't there? If we can live with that, so be it.
We live in a community where judgment comes from all points. I find it very disconcerting that people have the time to observe me with such intent acuity and then make comments about the choices I make without the FULL reasoning or Story behind my actions. We are so quick to judge and point fingers at other's behaviour. It's appalling really to think we have the right to do this.
We have to be true to ourselves, honest with God, and recognize how it does or does not impact others around us. That's how I see it. As for the rest of the judging panel? Time to take a hike and figure out their own stuff.

Reluctant Blogger said...

I once used to resist temptation but rarely anymore.

I am always tempted by new romance and whilst I am careful these days, not wanting to hurt myself or anyone else, I tend to go for it.

Oh and Rioja and cheese - I always surrender to those.

I think you are only really alive when you succumb to temptation - the feeling is exhilirating. Resisting temptation is a good feeling too occasionally but I prefer to succumb!

Mark said...

Ah, temptation, the temporary desire of something that we believe is not good for us or that we don't need however want. One can do two things, wait and allow the temptation to pass or embrace that which temps us and satisfy our craving. One must be careful not to allow temptation to turn into an obsession.

Walker said...

If you are content there is no temptation anymore and it would be greed rather than temptation.
I don't practice lent like my parents do.
I do practice living all year and living with what i have