Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random bits.........

Hey Friends!  How have you been???  I've missed our beautiful instantaneous connections through this venue lately.   

I've been underground and under the covers this past week.......soaking up the Winter Olympics while nursing one strange head cold.  In between ravaging through two boxes of kleenex, and wondering who put the sand paper in my eye sockets, I've even been a wee bit productive.  Not on the blogosphere, but behind the scenes.......... inside the guts of my blog.  What a ride!

I've been going back through the Awareness archives, reading, reflecting, rewinding.... and choosing various pieces to rework.  Along the way, I also read the many many wonderful comments people have left..... the encouragement and feedback, the quotes and lyrics, and the heart stoked stories and the humourous admissions you've shared from your lives.  Thank you. :)

The whole process, which is still underway, has taken me a long time to finally tackle, but I guess had to wait until it felt right.  The fact that my muse had gone into hibernation, and that I've been feeling tapped out for a couple of months now, helped get me to that point.  However,  it took a full fledged nose running stop to confront that big old meaney called procrastination.  Rationalization just wasn't working anymore. 

So, I've begun.............collecting, sampling, clumping and dismissing.  Any posts I've written about politics or issues of the day, or any ranty pants stuff I've cast aside.  Instead, I'm focused on a few key themes.  From there, I am HOPING an idea of what to do with the pieces that make the cut will float from the nether regions.   As much as I'd like to know now, I also am feeling a sense of purpose while pacing the process.  It's teaching me patience; a lesson I work at daily.

More than anything, its been humbling.  Though I see how much my writing has strengthened, I also see how heavy handed some of it is. This can also be defined as crap and in need of serious reworking or just downright chucking.   However, it is what it is.  The writing served a purpose, an outlet, a therapeutic way of finding linearity in the mindfield of living out loud.  Whether it will resurface in some other way is a mystery.  Who doesn't like a good mystery though eh??

I'll keep you posted................ I'm very excited to have finally started.  I feel unstuck.  

Now?  Back to the Winter Games!  Are you watching?  Taking any of it in?  

Winter sports are in a category all on their own.  From the downhill ski events, to short track speed skating..... to figure skating.  I love it all.  Like others, what pulls me in are the life stories of the athletes as well as the stories which unfold as the Games unfold. 

The one to watch is Joannie Rochette.  She's our Figure Skating champion who sits in third place after the short program.  Her mother passed away suddenly on Saturday leaving a family, a hometown in Quebec and a skating community completely shocked and bereft.  Last night, Joannie took to the ice with grace and poise and performed a flawless program in front of a sold out audience and a whole country who stood and watched in tears.......... cheering her on.  It was beautiful and heart breaking.  After she took a bow, she fell into the arms of her coach and sobbed.   May she somehow gather the inner strength and feel the angels all around her in order to perform one more time on Thursday night.  

Say a little prayer for Joannie, will you?  

Tonight Canada vs Russia in the quarterfinals.  We're on our way to winning the game .......... and moving on.  If you have ever been interested in learning about the crazy Canuck game of hockey, tune in!  It's fast paced, and absolutely THRILLING!   The Gold Medal game will be played on Sunday.  The whole country is holding their breath in hopes that we'll be playing  for GOLD with glowing hearts!   Believe me, even if you aren't watching, you'll hear a whole country belting out their emotions all weekend long ...... guaranteed to reverberate out into the soundwaves  and right into your homes ......... 


Selma said...

I am loving the Winter Olympics. Love the figure skating and the snowboarding. We have been watching it live via satellite even though Vancouver is about 23 hours behind us. It has made me realise that even though the world seems like a big place, technology can bring us all closer.

Susan Deborah said...

". . .inside the guts of my blog. What a ride!" Loved this line. Why do you rework and delete some of the posts. It's a journey worth treasuring warts and all.

I liked the way you have drawn many thought processes into a post. Enjoyed reading.

Take care.

Joy always,

Emily said...

I started to write you a comment on this post, and realised I had too much to say about it, so I turned it into a post of my own!

Hope you don't mind being my muse for today :-)

Sherry said...

I'm not an Olympics person but I have watched the hockey, simply because I love the game and my children play so I'm immersed in the sport. Loved the Women's gold win; hope the Canadians take the Slovaks tonight and we'll see what happens on Sunday.

Changing blog direction/content is something I often just "feels" right.

awareness said...

Selma... I love that thought too... to know the whole world is watching. :) There is a sense of global closeness during the Olympics.
The Games are a four hour time difference from where I live! So, there have been many many late nights trying to keep up watching everything.

Susan.... I don't know if I will rework the pieces as yet. If I want to try to get some of it published, I'll have to revisit it to see. And most likely the older pieces will need it. I like the topics I covered, but I think I can make them sing better.

Emily.... I am honoured and will visit your blog to read what you had to say. :) thank you.

Sherry... CAN'T wait for today's game. I've loved the short track and long track speed skating events and have always loved the downhill ski/board/cross events.
Go Canada Go!