Wednesday, February 17, 2010

light touch

warm love
curls up cradled in a crescent moon,
gently moving
in rock-a-bye comfort.

soft affection
knowingly tickles inside smiles
tenderly motioning
a lullaby of reassurance.

light touches 
spare us the search for words we sometimes can't find. 
light touch feelings 
carry us through static times when the air isn't hushed anymore. 
words lose meaning 
when they aren't accompanied by those krinkled eyed glances. 

we touch each other 
when we gently speak with our eyes.

it's as powerful as relaxing into a welcomed hug.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful, Beautiful...and so true! I'd like a hug right now....(lol)!

Kay said...

that last line....wonderful! so true your words and how powerful those silences are

Jen said...

The kind and loving touch of a good friend is so healing. I'm learning to accept that as a gift from those who love me.

awareness said...

Naomi... me too!

Kay... and how different the silence can be if it is accompanied by positive non verbals.

Jen... very healing, as yours are to them.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Great words!!!!:)


Gypsy said...

......we touch each other
when we gently speak with our eyes.......
That says it all really.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the dozen or so posts I had to catch up on. I feel as if you and I have sat down by the fire and had a grand old chat. I wish that it were so literally.

Susan Deborah said...

The power of words as well as touch and sight is marvelous. All the three are given due importance here.

Joy always,

awareness said...

cyrus...thank you. i had written the first part last weekend for Valentines day and didn't quite know how to finish it. decided to make it a short and sweet piece instead of something longer.'re a doll to have read all the posts you missed! thank you for that. As for sitting together in front of a fire? I would love that too. I recommend you head here though. Oz sounds too bloody hot for a fire these days! :)

Susan. One touch sure can change the meaning of the words can't it?

Mark said...

I love this! It is said that words is the least effective way to communicate.

jason evans said...

Very sweet. :)

awareness said...

Mark... you know it. :) I think that's the challenge for a writer eh.... to try to describe the non verbal components of our communication.

Jason...thank you. it was intended as a Valentine's offering.... hence, the sweetness. But, it wasn't finished in time. :)