Tuesday, June 09, 2009


(dawn's early light...the view from my backdeck, june 8, 2009)
It happens in a flash
when you're least expecting it,
under sleepy eyes opening
to draw in a dawning of something very special.

In a blink,
two flames merge
channeling into one spirit
of effortless honesty and mutual understanding.

move to a rhythm of blending lifetimes
and form from a mixture of tears and clay.

Simple yet deeply eternal
Clear yet vibrantly profound
Effortless yet energetically alive
Comforting yet soulfully emotional.
Pleasing yet discomfortably stretching.
Surprising yet divinely meant to be.

Spiritual beyond reason.
Rare beyond a dream come true.
Anything is possible when fate alights
like catching a firefly on a winter night.
When you encounter your soulmate, its like tasting mountain spring water from their cupped hands after a long walk alone in the high altitude. You have no idea where they have come from, but they arrive under a clear blue sky when there is a mutual need to quench each other's thirst.

this week's Sunday Scribblings (yeah I'm late....) is Soulmate..... For more kindred interpretations, check out their blog.


Marja said...

Very beautiful Dana I knew you would nail this one

Awareness said...

Marja...I had looked and looked for this week's prompt all weekend and then stopped looking because I know they were having a tough time with the internet connection. So, when I finally did see the prompt a day late.....i HAD to write something. :)
Thanks. It was clearly a topic I have thought much about. :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i liked this prompt too dana, and you made magic of it :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Late but worth waiting for...

BlazngScarlet said...

So very well put!
And well worth the wait ....

Mark said...

I love this! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your gifts.

Awareness said...

Irish Heather...I'll be by to check yours out too. I havent had a chance to read the others. Look forward to it.

Scarletina...most definately well worth the wait. funny thing though, you have no idea you're waiting for that person until they arrive in your life.

Mark... always good to see you here. I've got a bunch of your posts to catch up on!!

Dee Martin said...

Beautiful take on the prompt.


Brother David said...

Dana, you have so many colours on your palette and capture the detail on the canvas. I think the origin of the word soul translates to "the who I am" thoughts, personality, spirit; SELF. Not vague at all.

Gilly said...

Beautiful writing - as always!

I would love to meet a soulmate!

Awareness said...

Dee...thank you....look forward to reading your post too.

David...thank you...I was attempting to paint with many colours. ;) What is so strong in my thinking is how our souls can be so beautifully enhanced and the understanding of "the who I am" when one is blessed with meeting our anam cara.

Gilly....I hope you do too. I have a strong belief that a soul mate is someone you've encountered in other lives. There is an open ended timeless feel to the connection that cannot be contained in one lifetime... :)