Friday, June 19, 2009

a vision of you.....

I could be caught up in the most mundane errand and a surge of awareness presents itself by tickling my intuition located in the pit of my stomach. I'm left with a vision of your being, clear as midday, like you're standing before me rather than an apparition inside a memory. What's so fascinating to me is that there never seems to be a preceding song snippet, no reminiscing thought of a time we were face to face catching up over a shared meal. It seems like this surge of you appears like a random flash of light that shines into a crevasse I'm not even acknowledging at the time I'm focused on the routine.

I see you. I see you inside me.
I feel your wrinkled smile behind my own eyes.
You presence warms me.
My first thought is to wonder if the same surge has struck you.....if at that exact moment you have a clear vision of me in you. Then, I wonder if you're alright. Because it is so startling...the poke you've left in my head....the stirring of my senses........, the connection I feel with you right there and then, I lose momentum for a second as I tumble towards you.
Sometimes when there is no way of talking to you or sending you an email, I whisper your name as a way to acknowledge the synchronistic feel, as my way of sending out a smoke signal into the wind hoping it will find you wherever you are, doing whatever you're doing. I whisper a message, send you my kindred echo to flow outward in a rippling wave hoping it will get caught in an air pocket once silent, now filled with a piece of my heart.
I you ever hear it? Do my telepathic messages touch you? Do they ever reach you in the middle of that moment? If I phoned you right then, even after all this time of not directly communicating, would you answer knowing it was me? I believe you would.
Sometimes, and NOT when I'm driving, I close my eyes to process my temporal visit with you, my eternal friend..... to prolong the register the meaning. What is its meaning, you ask? I honestly don't know the full story behind the reason for our woven souls....why its you and why its me. Chances are we won't figure it out in this lifetime. As you know, most everything I try to find meaning...I try to reason. I'm a "I want to know it person...." But when it comes to why God tossed us together in the first place, I'm calmly fine about it. For me, our connection is a lesson in providence. He does have a sense of humour, God. Who would've thought? No one would've predicted.

God had the original vision didn't He? We are the recipients of a gift. I knew it the moment it happened and I smile knowing that our entwining souls were a part of His gameplan. His lesson for us unfolds as it will.......beyond tangibility outward into a realm where answers are spoken by intuitive knowing.
No words. Just heightened insight. The best kind of vision there is....
Sunday Scribblings word prompt this week is "vision." Timely since I experienced one of these moments just the other day. Do YOU experience this with a person in your life? There are a few people who "live inside me" and journey with me, some days with more prevalence than other days. What fascinates me about the kindred visions...the strong multisensory synchronistic feelings I receive is that they have grown in intensity since I began writing again and have connected with a few bloggers who have become near and dear to my heart. Though they live far away, I do experience moments when my vision of them are as clear as day. It is a gift I never expected when I began blogging and its one I treasure deeply.
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Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

what a great post. I love the way you write about the vision of that person within you..and sending out your thoughts to them..
I have this connection with a few people, and am so thankful for it. What a gift it is, what wonderful magical being we are to have this wonderfully open you are.

Gypsy said...

This really resonated with me Dana because I often send out telepathic messages and sometimes, once in a great while, it seems they are received. Now that is what you call a connection :) Great post m'dear.

Awareness said...

Tanya..welcome. There certainly is a magical feel to it. Unexplainable and pretty darn cool. I think everyone has the capacity to tune into this. Whether they do or not...I don't know. maybe some just ignore the signs. I find it so jolting sometimes that I can't ignore it and often will try to touch base with that particular friend just to make sure they are alright. :)

Gypsy... I asked one of my old soul friends whether he had the same experience and he admitted that he had. Ours has gone on since we were teenagers, and for many years we werent in touch at all (and in fact lived far away from one another besides this way. So, when we finally reconnected after 10+ years I asked him. We laughed about it, understanding that we had never really left each other's side.

Lilibeth said...

I wish it were that way, that we could think of a person and see them standing there...but I'm afraid I'd probably be more worried if I did the time my son was in Panama, and I worried...but I would have worried more if I could have seen him out in the ocean in that little boat. Ah well, he's safe and sound now. It would be neat through, if someone we loved could see us there, at the moment we see them. Hmmm. You've made me think with your post.

Marja said...

Beautiful I can relate very much to that. Although I haven't come across it in the blogging world yet I have a few people to which I feel connected 2 here and one in holland. We always know from each other when we call

AD said...

i could see me in all of this. this is absolutely a great read and an inspiriing one as well.

gret job done!

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linda may said...

This was a very nice read. It made me think of my Dad. He has been gone now for many years but rarely a day goes by when I don't think of him in some small way or another and question if he is still with me. He is.

Awareness said...

Lilibeth....I don't believe it's something you can use your will to create and for me it only happens with a few people in my life whom I know are kindred spirits. Though I have had random fleeting thoughts of others, wondering how they are....seeing their essence in a bright flash of wonder, most of the time its' simply an awareness of a person who is a part of me in an otherworldly way. John O'Donahue wrote a book about these type of people in our lives...Anam Cara....Soulfriend. They touch you in a profoundly deep way like no others. It's like when you meet them, you quicky realize you feel more whole.

Marja.... I have had a couple of people in my life for a long time where i have this feeling. The two blog friends I resonate with quite literally blew me away when I felt the connection for the first time. It was such a strong message to me that there is a higher power in play. :) One of them I've not yet even heard his voice but my gut tells me I won't be surprised when I finally hear the timbre of it.

AD. I felt the same when I read your take on the prompt. Thank you.

Linda is a reassuring feeling isn't it?

Lori said...

I am so glad that I stumbled upon you from Christina's (Soul Aperture's) blog. This is a wonderful post. Yes I find that it is these glimpses I have. It is mere glimpses, like light coming through cracks, etc. Interesting!

Crimson Feet said...

felt this.... deep!!

Lucy said...

I used to experience this more in my younger years. You've brought it all back and I so enjoyed reading this.
Maybe, I don't have my senses as open as I used to? I will be thinking about this..often.

floreta said...

very beautiful candid piece!! i sometimes look up at the moon and wonder if someone somewhere is seeing what i'm seeing and that this connects us in that moment. i also wonder if the feelings you've described here explain why people seem to get a phone call/contact etc. when you have just thought about that person recently. or tried to contact them as well. this reminds me of a quote by einstein i thought i'd share:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Awareness said...

Hi Lori....I'm glad you stumbled this way. :) I "borrowed" the idea of cracks of light from a Leonard Cohen song...his line: "there are cracks in everything, that's how the light gets in..."

Crimson... I wanna go deeper! Stay tuned. :)

Lucy...I think our biggest barrier is our busyness. Its not that we can't. Its just so often we are so focused on the million tasks we have to do that we miss the cues. The kindred connections are out there thats for sure, just waiting to be felt.

Floreta...I do too...look up at the moon with the same thoughts. It grounds me somehow especially if I'm away from home.
Thank you for sharing that quote. I do like it. We need to learn how to trust our intuitiveness.

Dee Martin said...

lovely post of connectedness.

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searchingwithin said...

Aw, another experience I know well, and I often wonder the same as you, when that surge hits. I really like to think that they are, or that they were thinking of you first, which is why they came to mind with such suddenness, without that special song, or smell, etc.

Best Wishes