Sunday, June 14, 2009


Recovery is an alignment of the head and the heart. Too much of one knocks you off balance. The key to finding alignment? Accepting love and forgiveness of one's spirit. And a good long walk in the rain.


Marja said...

Very insightful and beautiful expressed Think I am taking a walk in the rain

Awareness said...

Marja...this weekend, I've had an email conversation with someone who was a student of mine in a counselling class. He was in touch to ask for some direction on how to help a family member. I wrote a long convoluted blabby piece here and then decided to go with a much shorter thought. Though my initial inspiration came from thinking about the road to addiction recovery, I chose to make it more general because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that all recovery happens when we can figure out a way to integrate the heart and the figure out how to allow them to work together.

JP/deb said...

Yes, alignment is the balance, the yin and the yang. The whole balanced by its parts.


Gilly said...

We need to get ourselves in line - but it can be so hard. We get the physical and emotional more or less straight, but the spiritual (which we all have) is out of kilter. Or we get our spiritual and physical OK, but our emotional life - oh my!!

At the moment my physical is well out of line - having fallen over yesterday (a very long story) I ache all over and my back is yelling at me!

Now, how can I get myself back in line - without walking and without any rain!! ;)

Awareness said... may be rare and it may be have it all aligned...but most definately attainable. Have a great week.

Gilly...I'm so sorry to hear that you've fallen. Alignment also requires rest too! No puddle jumping for you in the near future!
It is a very difficult process and a heck of a lot of work...any addictions recovery, which is why so many stumble along the way.
Take care!!