Sunday, March 18, 2007

seeking inspiration.........

potential looking for roots

Sometimes, through no real fault of our own, our energy disipates along with our focus. March in Canada does that to you. Accosted by fluctuating weather of wild winds, snow, sleet and slush tempered by slight hints of the sun, it often feels like the last straw.......the pouring of salt on a winter wound. Mittens, parkas and boots long past their expiry date of freshness lay in the corner of the want-to-forget pile. There's an urge to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over your head to wait it out.

The constant wrestle with diffused light which lacks strength to keep the flame flickering, but which has enough strength to mask guiding stars leaves one lacking in enthusiasm. In the quiet of bereft, one needs to seek out small specks of divinity where inspiration hibernates. For, it is inspiration which allows us to leave a safe harbour. It is inspiration which allows us to leave stuckness in order to forge ahead, in order to reach out to others.

fountain of wishes

Today, I spent a quiet hour walking through a greenhouse. No other place at this time of year can boost my spirits as quickly as a multi-sensory pleasure of spending time around new growth. It's's like the oxygen needed for the growth of the plants fills me too. To quote Emily Dickenson, as I enter a greenhouse, "I dwell in possibility."

To dwell in the possibility is to rekindle. All of a sudden, creative impulses begin to generate, ideas start to flow, there is a clarity of wanting to move reach out. There's nothing like looking for and finding spring to fertilize my soul. At this time of year, I need it more than any other time of year.

green tip newness breaking ground
earth scented air filtering around
running water tinkling softly abounds
life's little miracles happily found.

as I dwell in the possibility.

Tonight, I will plant some seeds in my little greenhouse that sits in the front window of my home, and watch them take root over the next couple of weeks. By mid-May, they will be transfered into my garden and will continue to inspire me throughout the seasons.

Seek out the ordinary places for inspiration. You will find it there, waiting to take someday bloom.

PS. Thank you Sunday scribblers............great Inspirational word prompt!! Happy anniversary........your dedication and prompt ideas have helped me learn to find my creative writing flow again. Much appreciated.


paris parfait said...

It sounds like a lovely time, spent amongst plants, "rekindling." Dwelling in possibility is the only way to live, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to "March in Canada".
I love your blog!
The pics are gorgeous and I can almost smell that sweet earthy planting soil.

kenju said...

Nothing says hope like new seedlings!

Ricercar said...

ur right about the inspiration! nice website (sunday inspiration)

Awareness said...

Hi Tara..... we should always reach for that frame of mind. The sun is out today, though it's cold. It sure can perk a person up. I'm listening to upbeat music as I all feeds the dwelling i'm in. :)

hey bohemian....thank you. I took many pics during my visit....some beautiful exotic flowers that I would like to blow up into BIG posters to wallpaper my office! Colour is out this time of year, one has to go looking for it.

Soooooooooon! That's right!

Judy.......I totally agree. I cut some forsythia branches last night and have them sitting in my window sill in my office. They look silly right now, but in a day or two, I will see the yellow flowers appear to brighten my dwelling. Looking forward to it.

Ricercar.....hope the paper and celebrations went well last Friday. Glad you found some inspiration here.......i found it just writing about it.

cheers everyone.

Tori said...

I love your photos and can totally relate after weathering a long winter season myself!
I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog through sunday scribblings...what a small world it is...I have tons of family in NB and my Mom was born and raised in Saint John!
Looking forward to doing more reading of your blog!

gautami tripathy said...

Seeds of life. That is how I saw this post.

Thanks for your visit.

Awareness said...

tori and gautami......WELCOME!! Take a look around.......glad you enjoyed this post.

I will visit yours soon.

Just Expressing Myself said...

We are a March just like that here in New York.
Early last week it was near 65 degrees and then bang snow and icy rain and piles of slush every where.
Oh how I would like to pull a blanket over my head till it's over.
Your greenhouse photos are lovely.
Thanks for sharing,