Monday, November 29, 2010

when earth meets water....

To be of the Earth is to know......
the restlessness of being a seed
the darkness of being planted
the struggle toward the light
the joy of bursting and bearing fruit
the love of being food for someone
the scattering of your seeds
the decay of the seasons
the mystery of death
and the miracle of birth

--John Soos

To be of the Water is to know ...
the humbling essence of spring
the fear of the unknown journey
the joy of sunbeam kisses radiating life
the pleasure of feeding her seeds
the love of merging with the clay along the shore
the mystery of growing roots
and the passion of the bloom.

-- me --

When Earth meets Water,
there is a natural devotion to one another .... an understanding of the gifts they provide and need to thrive.
there is a slow dance of deep knowing .... intricate steps stretching back beyond time into eternal harmony.
there is a union like no other .... infinite possibilities for growth and learning abound.


Carmi said...

I always feel small, humbled, pensive when I find myself at the interface point between earth and water. There's a unique spirit to places like this, and it's there whether it's an oceanic beach or a creek meandering through the woods.

Which reminds me that I need to walk through the heritage forest near my house. Time for a waterborne recharge.

awareness said...

Carmi.... I had the most wonderful experience this summer sitting by a waterfalls in the middle of the woods. The spray and mist around the falls truly looked like ghostie apparitions playing while "joining" the upper part of the river with the bottom part. Water and earth interfaces are spiritual for sure... both in a lively way as well as in a contemplative meandering way.
Hope you got out for your walk.

The Mad Ape said...

when earth meets water you get mud

awareness said...

and mud is good for the soul.... especially if you have someone to wrestle in it with.

Selma said...

This is just gorgeous. You have such a knack for reminding me of what is good for me. I really think you should write a book - you would inspire and motivate so many people!

awareness said...

Selma.... thank you. I intend to make every effort to do just that. I hope you're doing the same! Maybe we could have an international book launch! Ready, set GO! xx