Thursday, December 02, 2010

a fine balance

Everyday, there is a constant push and pull between the heart and the head. Sometimes they work well together, respectfully appreciating each others gifts, and sometimes they act like two misbehaved  beings playing tug of war.  When they allow their self absorbed side to wrestle control, they create a storm of competitive energy.

Internal power surges
Tempered turbulence
Thinking vs Feeling .... who wins out in you?

Tipped too far to one side, we lose our problem solving footing. We all fall down!

The heart and the head are natural  leaders.  Usually human  beings have a "comfort" preference .... a fall back position when a calamity strikes, or a challenge is thrown our way.  Defence mechanisms.  Coping tools.  Either we veer towards "intellectualize" or we take a turn towards "emotionalize."  Our perception of the situation is coloured by this. 

Heavy thinkers are wary of Deep feelers and visa versa because what tends to accompany the way in which we cope are personality factors.  Introversion vs. Extroversion.   Keep the cards close to the chest or show them off with flare.   They have the ability to frustrate the heck out each other.  Misunderstandings are common.  Miscommunication is wired for sound.

Flooded by one side of the equation and its very difficult to find that fine balance needed to sort out a problem, deal with a crisis, cope with a trauma, make a decision.  A fine balance between thinking and feeling requires an awareness of how we personally react to situations.  Once that happens, it's easier to learn how to RESPOND rather than REACT.  

I hope to conquer this by the time I'm 80.  By then however, I won't give a sweet fig anyways.  In the meantime?  I keep falling off the balance beam.  Good thing falling down isn't a bad thing. 


Mark said...

If we didn't fall down now and then we would not know or appreciate balance.

Loz said...

Yep - life is like a see saw

awareness said...

Mark.... It's always a very interesting perspective to be down on the ground looking up and around. Sometimes, you can just stay there to learn how to breathe again. THEN, "you get yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again...." with new balance AND new vision.

Loz.... It most certainly is! But, my how boring it would be if we didn't go UP and DOWN through the hills and valleys on our journey. Good learning from all angles! thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Carmi said...

Falling down is the only way we'll ever learn how to get back up. Success, perversely, is sweeter because we know what it feels like to fail.