Wednesday, November 03, 2010

centering in prayer

And come forth from the cloud of unknowing
And kiss the cheek of the moon

Leonard Cohen, The Window

Lit candles on my dresser
Turned on angel choir music
Sat on bed.
Softening sanctuary
Inhaled wafting scents
colour and light flickering warmth
Closed my eyes
Opened my pores
Listened to the harmony filling the air around me.

Found stillness
Found stillness.
Stillness found me.
Comfort breaths.

Let go of visitors....
one thought after another
one feeling after another
one discomfort after another
sadness, loss, fear.....
set sail on rippling water

Rippling water.
Blue rippling water
tidal rhythm sounds like angels singing
comfort breaths of spirit essences
stillness journey
stillness journey
inside sacred breath
painted the colour of grace

Time moved in a cloud of unknowing
Deep breath awakening
until my eyes opened again
Found focus
Beyond the glowing candles 
Photos of my babies.
Blonde innocence
created by love.

Falling tears of gratitude set in light and angel voices.
I had been kissed on the cheek by the moon.

ps.  The photo was taken from the upstairs balcony of the place where I was staying in Tatamagouche.  Twilight, Friday evening.


Mark said...

Lovely meditation. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing.

awareness said...

Thanks Mark. I tried to capture the process and the feelings I had the other night. I can't tell you how affirming it was to open my eyes to the photos of my children when they were babies... all aglow.

Marja said...

Hi Dana what a serene poem Wonderful to be kissed on the cheek by the moon. Hope you are ok. Arohanui Marja