Saturday, June 19, 2010

spirit blooms

 A spirit gift captured me when I wasn't looking.  Carried by a gentle breeze, this beautiful bloom waited until the heaviness of my heart lifted and left a tender kiss on my forehead.  Even now,  I feel its fragrant touch radiate under my skin like a rippling wave of knowing it was just what I needed.  
Can you hear the faint echo of ancestral music tiptoeing around the moon? I can.  It plays a song from my roots as it showers down from the night sky....a familiar tune I have longed to hear again.  

It feels like summer.  Solstice is just around the corner.  Let it be a season of simple gifts.  That's what the happiness part of life is made of.  Tender kisses and simple gifts from spirit blooms.


Brother David said...

You are a translator from senses and feelings to words; beautifully done Dana.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Very nice... Love it.

And I agree with Brother David.

Your ability to translate senses & feelings into words is a blessing, indeed... :)

kenju said...


Susan Deborah said...

I felt a sense of 'home' reverberating in this post. The rose and its bud look so refreshing and lovely.

Joy always dear Dana and have a splendid week ahead.


awareness said...

Thank you David... the poetry seems to be returning... ahhhhh!

CS... the way I see it, nature is where spirit dwells and where the spirit dwells, you will discover an abundance of sensory feelings. We can learn to tap into our own looking all around us.

Judy.. thank you. I'm so glad you read it because I know you get it too, flower lady. x

Susan... Interestingly, the flower is blooming in my home garden. It is a resplendent peony.... one of my favourite perennials. When they reappear every year, I feel like an old friend has dropped by in her sunday best.