Thursday, January 14, 2010

love unhushed....

I have wandered around love today, looking at it, touching it, trying to get a feel for it....trying to see it from different angles and different prisms.

 Love.  I love you.  You know I do.  For some reason I  stutter and stumble in my hesitation to say it aloud to some people.  Other times, it's easy and natural that it comes out of me like a breeze. 

As this day sleepily passes onto the next, I am left wondering why it is so difficult sometimes to utter those three words?  It's like they get smothered by a blushing hush, a fear of not being believed, or a fear of being believed but considered too dangerous a bridge to cross over?  Then there are times when it is warmly received by another kind of blush? 

Love.  I love you. 

It's meaning arches up and over horizons like light touch spring blossoms, yellow and alive.  So delicate.  So welcoming.  But it can also wind its way into unknown territory, losing its buoyancy through cynical defences.  Have you ever told someone you loved them only to have it deflected so quickly as though it was too searing hot to handle? Or confronted by a cold blast of denial? 

You know what?  I love you, no matter how you receive my honesty.
Please don't take it on as a burden. It isn't meant to be.  I offer it without conditions.  No motives.  Just from my heart.  It's how I feel.

What makes us so tentative to say it sometimes to the most important people in our lives?  Is there someone who comes to mind as you read this whom you have thought about saying those words to, but never find the courage to do so?  What stopped you?  What stops you now?  Why do you want to tell them?? When are you going to?

I love you!  There!  How difficult was that?  Did the sky fall? 

Its on the tip of our tongues and right there on the ridges of our hearts, but something abruptly halts us from allowing the spirited breath to catch the words and carry them forward.  When you think about it, does it matter how someone reacts?  You can't control reaction.  What you can control is whether or not you take the risk and utter those three words.  Who knows, it may mean the world to them.  Or not.  It may make them uncomfortable.......... but sooner or later, the medicinal magic will work its way into the most cynical of hearts.

Love. It has so many meanings, and it comes with so many expectations no wonder we are afraid to let it out.  But if we want to actively live the Word of God, don't we have to get over all those self imposed hesitations and just go for it?  No strings attached. 

shhhhhh......................i love you............ just a hush, no blush. Did you hear me? Hope so.


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awareness said...

Ah, Mavis you made me blush. Love you too! May you feel God's love today too as you connect with all of those lost souls out there in Freddy land.

Anonymous said...

the most beautifully simple word in the world yet......why are we so often fearful of letting it slip from our lips?

gorgeous post x

Anonymous said...

This resonates deeply, Dana.

Great insight!

Anonymous said...

I'm linking to this post, 'cause I LOVE IT! ;-)

awareness said...

Helen...! Welcome back from your inspiring Gambian trek! Lovely to see you here again. Why are we fearful? Is it because we are afraid that if we do, and it's not received, we have nothing else left to give?

Jen.... thank you. I'm glad it touched you. Love was on my mind yesterday all day....wandering about and it did make me think about it a bit more than the typical day.

Mark said...

Love to you! This was great, weather we say it aloud or we say in a hush, love is forever the ultimate us.

LL Cool Joe said...

I was in love with someone for a long time but I never told them. I knew they didn't feel the same way about me and I couldn't bare to hear them say they didn't love me.

I'm a coward I know.

awareness said...

Mark, we do express it through our actions as well as our words, but still when you hear those three little words spoken? It's a whole different ballgame isn't it? loud or soft......... :)

Joey...oh, my goodness many, many, many can relate. one of the biggest fear we have is to be dismissed by someone we love with our hearts.... it totally stops us in our tracks doesn't it. It's the biggest gift we can give to someone. If it isn't received, then what? So we hold back........and avoid the ultimate heartbreak.

Gypsy said...

Fear stops many people from uttering the 3 most beautiful words in the world. Fear of rejection, fear that it will change what we already have with someone. There are so many reasons why we don't say it but even more reasons why we should.

Carmi said...

It's such a simple phrase and a simple sentiment, but it carries so much weight and meaning. If only more of us were more willing to openly share the words and the meaning. The world would be a happier, closer place, wouldn't it?

I'm thankful to my wife for long ago teaching me how important these words are, and how important it is to use them. Always and constantly.

awareness said...

Gypsy...oh yes fear..... and a lot of times our fear is reinforced when we do take a risk and say it out loud only to have silence as its response. Or worse, it rachets up the "fear" of another and their response is "dismissal."
Maybe the key is to put our feelings out there with no strings attached. Easier said than done though eh?

Carmi.... The world would be a better place..... "think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand, put a little love in your heart...." :)
the weight is lifted when one utters the words....... with unconditional intentions.