Monday, January 04, 2010

an osprey comes to visit....

Out of the grey winter light
bleaked of colour
streaked in mourning sombre silence
you simply appeared, taking me by surprise
filling my vista with your fierce beauty
in flight.

In one articulate motion
your majestic wings,
feathers dappled in shades of clay

stretched beyond the toptip of the Poplars
propelled you forward
closer to where I stood
in my home on the hill.

Your fan-tailed brawn
mottled to blend with the winter woods
swept my into sight
like an awakened temptation,
and a longing to absorb your swift assurance
so powerful
so resplendent
so gracefully exalted.
My breath caught in awe.

Our eyes met for one standstill second
until an invisible wind draft

aroused your sense of freedom
awakened your fervent hunger
invited you to soar downstream
above the open river water.
Slow wingflaps lifted you up into a natural floating soar
a perambulation with a friendly downwind.

In silence,
I stood in the shadow of your wonder
as you flew beyond a speck in the grey winter light.

Alone again,  left behind
with new dreams
that I too
could sail above the valley with outstretched wings........

thank you for that.


**inspired by a brief but memorable visit on Sunday morning from the full grown Broad Tailed Osprey who lives somewhere along my riverbank.  I didn't have my camera nearby, so the photo I've used is one I found that resembled it's beauty the most.


Twain12 said...

wonderful birds ...i see them all the time when i walk my dogs along the morrow pond. Unfortunately i found one shot one day, i was pretty upset and pissed, so senseless in my book. Also had a close encounter with a couple of bald headed eagles, inadvertently got to close to the nest :). Great Poem

Kay said...

amen to inspiration! wonderful!

awareness said...

Twain....I would be upset too to have seen that! I see ospreys and hawks pretty regularly as well. this particular one seemed to come out of nowhere. There is an eagles nest just down the river from me and they often fly by. My house is just up the hill from the river, so my vantage point is eye level with the tops of the trees. It floors me sometimes when a flock of birds sail by the window....

Kay.... thank you. Your poetry is always inspirational.

Mark said...

Inspiring and beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Brother David said...

Wow! - takes my breath away...