Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the unsexiness side of being in heat......

I was so hot today that I was sweating in places I didn't know I was allowed to. Even thinking produced a dewy dilemma of trickling streams down my front and back. So I stopped. Thinking. With any clarity.

I became obsessed with the oppressive heaviness brought on by the humidity which made the air temperature feel like 40 degrees Celcius. That's 104 dgrees Fahrenheit. My inner core growled in a rolling boil. Ick. My feet, which ALWAYS have to remain cool or I'm really in trouble with retaining any sense of decorum, were throbbing in their sandals. I thanked God I wasn't a roofer or a road paver as I kicked off my shoes in order to place them on the coolish tiles in my office. I tried not to move too quickly.

I did my best to conjure up the memory of what it feels like in February when the temperuature is -40 Celcius. But my fired up wiring wouldn't let me. I couldn't lift up out of the haze of the heatwave. It tackled me with the same feeling you get when you first open up the door to a sauna and you're left short of breath. What I did realize was that when there is an extreme in our weather here in Canada, we react the same way. February's icy glare slows us down as much and brings out the same moodiness as August's melting moments. We tend to shuffle in these extremes.....physically and emotionally.

Tonight, as I sit unlady like (so as to feel the cool breezes!!!) in front of two overworked fans, I purposefully attempt to count my blessings, recognizing that this always ends and I will forget just how gross it feels to be covered in a stickiness. Come February when I am scraping the snow and ice off my windshield on a frigid morning, when the sun is simply an illusion, I will have just as difficult a time remembering how hot it can get.

What I hold onto is that it will end....... relief is coming..... unfortunately so is the chance of some pretty nasty stuff. Thunder storms are in the forecast. So is Category 4 Hurricane Bill crawling with purpose up the east coast of the United States, with the potential of making landfall somewhere in Nova Scotia by Sunday.

Tonight, distant sky rumblings have begun, unless I'm hallucinating and hearing things. This hot lofty weather reminds me of two life lessons.....
1. We can prepare for whats in store to some extent, but then we have to let it unfold as it will.
2. We can only control how we emotionally react to a situation.
3. (I've lost my ability to count) I'm too sexy for this heat.

Now if you excuse me? I'm going to resurrect the art of midnight backyard pool hopping. Lets hope the neighbours have mercy on a naked middle aged woman whose lost her mind floating in the deep end.


This week's photo theme is summer. I had a variety of ideas and a few other photos I was considering most of which were light and colourfully airy beachy ideas, but my abandoned sandals took precedence. The lighting in this photo reflects a glare to me that was the most representative of how I'm feeling tonight...... For more summer theme photos, check out Carmi at Written Inc. He's got a great shot of swim goggles that I really like.


g said...

Woof!! I know the feeling! Heat! Great photo.

Gilly said...

There is nothing worse (in my book!) than high heat plus high humidity!

I hate very high pressure - it weighs on my head like a black block!

Hope the storm doesn't do much damage! Its very windy here, must be an offshoot of your problems!

Marie Höglund said...


Awareness said...

g...thanks.... interestingly, I was coolishly sitting by a body of water when I took that shot. The midday glare of the sun made it look hotter than it was by stripping away the colour.

Gilly....I'm with you.
Hurricane Bill seems to be couching Eastern's forecast to be around Nova Scotia on Sunday. There is a chance that it won't touch down on land, but the wind and the waves on the shores will be BIG.

Marie..... :) to you too. Glad it made you smile....

Vita Stunder said...

Interesting post! ;)
Have a great day!


Melli said...

LOL! I hope the neighbors were indeed either forgiving ... or asleep! OPPRESSIVE heat IS indeed a part of summer ... and you depicted it very well with that shot!

Anonymous said...


I think I got a touch of heat stroke walking around down town looking for panhandlers and various other cliental to tell my story to. I hate the sticky and have no neighbours with pools for them to spot a midnight whale in.


Romany Angel said...

Oh my Happy won't be much longer before we are experiencing heat like that again. I remember last year we had temps in the 40's for over two weeks straight culminating in 47 the day of the bushfires.

Last week we had a day that was 27 degrees and it's bloody winter for crying out loud.