Sunday, August 02, 2009


"How can you stand next to the truth and not see it?"

Dreams and thoughts
need to be spoken, written, owned
sewed into the fabric of destiny.
Only then can they be seen.
Only then can they reflect truth.
Only then will they have the potential
to become as real as touching the warm flesh of a friend.

Inside my imagination I anticipate
colours poured into a dancing mosaic.

Fueled by lyrical descriptions I have read,
worship spills out in tender cadences
among the sea of receiving minds.

I've been told the air is thin
allowing gasps of reverence to filter in scoring beauty
like jetstreams crisscrossing a clear blue sky
like orange wisps reaching out of the morning dew
like a hummingbird tickling nectar from a purple blossom,
like a smile, soaked in tears of recognition.
like an eternal echo of a whispered promise.

If I close my eyes, I picture
the deep green of late summer
a cup filled with kindred cheer
a buffet of venues under sunshine bigtops
a hand held out for me to hold
and another which will guide.

If I open my ears, I can hear
songs of hurt, hope and hallelujah
comforting silence floating in midair
deep discourse late into the night
expressions smothered by embrace.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
Dreams are within walking distance if you know which way to go.
I have walked. I am walking....
I have written, spoken, described, hoped.....

This dream of mine is now within reach.
I sit within its moment of anticipation....
a place of excitement and trepidation.

At the end of this month, I will meet up with a dream as I take part and breathe in the Greenbelt Festival. I've stood next to this truth and inside these wishes and have seen it. Soon, I will live it.

this weeks Sunday Scribblings' prompt is "anticipation..." VERY timely indeed. For more interpretations, check out their blogsite.


Lion-ess said...

amazing poem... it'll be nice to have it on my wall! Thanks for sharing!

Awareness said...

Lion-ess...why thank you. I wrote the first draft this time last year and have been tweaking and changing it ever since. Even this morning, i made a couple of changes.
When I heard the line from the U2 song, I felt like Bono managed to state how I have felt all along about making this particular dream/event happen for myself. It was like I was standing next to the truth and I WAS seeing it....very clearly.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

dana---you put beauty on the page again. just lovely.

and you are going to have such a good time at greenbelt! if you drink something tasty whether in the form of coffee, tea or ahem...other? give me a small thought--that way i'll be there in some way :)

Jennifer Hicks said...

what a beautifully crafted sentiment. your words are so three dimensional!

gautami tripathy said...

Sheer as well poem!

white curtains bellow from open window

Please don't forget to post your creative works at Monday Poetry Train Revisited too!

JP/deb said...

What a wonderful poem! And, I'm so happy that your anticipation is coming to fruition.

Peace & love, JP/deb

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

love it....and love the sunflowers!

Dee Martin said...

this is beautiful and I love the sunflowers. Very uplifting and hopeful.

Anonymous said...

like a smile, soaked in tears of recognition.
like an eternal echo of a whispered promise

....sigh, beautiful words from a beautiful heart.

I am so happy for you that you will finally get your dream. I hope it lives up to everything you are hoping for.

Awareness said...

Heather...I hear there will be many tasty libations....even a bit of cointreau.... I think you would enjoy this festival. And I will most definatately think of you when I'm there.

Jennifer...thank you. I was trying to make it three dimensional as a way to capture a dream that has flourished through words and descriptors to a point where it becomes tangibly real. I appreciate your feedback,

Gautami.... I didn't know about that other site. I will check it out. thanks for the link. is such a cool feeling to have one come to fruition. So many don't it seems. I don't know about anyone else, but I seem to have many many dreams I want to follow and more times than not they can't be fulfilled. I think the key is to have the focus brought on by verbalizing and describing vocalizing why it is important etc propels you to a point where it eventually happens.

layla...thank you. The sunflower photo I took last summer in my friend's garden. They are fully in bloom yet here...but soon. There were some at the market this past weekend, but i want to get more shots in gardens and not as cut flowers.... SO, hopefully there will be more to come.

this particular photo seemed reverent to me.... I like the cross of the driftwood fencing.

Dee...Dreams in our lives certainly help make the most ordinary day seem magically hopeful don't you think?

Gypsy....I'm glad you like those two lines. I wrote them this morning.
I do feel this is meant to be.... and I don't even know why. I'm grateful I can go, and will savour it all. It will be interesting, intriguing and inspiring on many levels .... no doubt. ;)

Anonymous said...

it never disappoints when, as father O often used to say, we dwell in possibility

am sure it will be all you anticipate and more... I remember my first time (well over a decade ago now) being almost short of breath it was so wonderous - drink deep and hang on every minute as the 4 days will pass quickly

Awareness said...

paul... there is a sense of readiness in me to learn to "dwell in this place of possibility" Father O introduced me to, I can't even find the words to describe. I am grateful to you and Pip for all the times you both so beautifully have described GB that I became aware of its presence.
The whole feeling of time moving too quickly was a theme of sorts during my conversations with Martha while she was home this weekend. She is now back at her camp for the last 3 weeks and is dreading that it will be over too soon. It is THE sign of how meaningful it is to her. We've all been there.....

There seems to be a direct correlation between the concept of time and an the depth of meaning it has for us isn't there? It teaches us that our biggest joys are often tied to our biggest griefs. We can't avoid it. All we can do is breathe and drink deeply as you recommend..... living it all.

Martha asked me if I had a few short quotes she could take with her back to camp to share during their morning gatherings with the rest of the staff and the kids before the start of the day.... One of them that I wrote down was from Father O'Donahue..... and it fits here....

"When time is reduced to linear progress, it is emptied of presence."

I will do my best to fill the depths of my goblet of time with as much of me as I can.... no linearity for this lassie!
omg! we're going to meet! :)

Tammie Lee said...

this is a stunningly beautiful piece! Thank you.