Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday night sunset

I just got back from taking my dog for a walk while taking a few pictures of tonight's artistry. We took our usual route, up the hill from my house and along a rural-ish road which has the most spectacular unobstructed views of both up and down river. Isn't it stunning?

I have a strong wish too that one day the old farmer who owns most of the land along this part of the road will knock on my door to let me know he would like to sell me a little patch to build a log home with a wrap around deck. I'd situate it quite close to where these pictures were taken, up a little higher on the hill. Every single time I walk this stretch, I picture myself living right there.

I never grow tired of living in this part of the world. Sure, there are times when I long for the pace and variety of the big city. I do miss the multicultural flavour of Toronto and the excitement of attending concerts and pro sports events. But then, I stop and look around at the realness of the landscape and the every evolving artwork in nature........... and my deep breaths fill my lungs with clean fresh goodness.

As well, I'm only 10 minutes (no rush hour) from my office........both schools my kids attend are close by. This allows me a chance to take part in the events at their schools without it being a time constraint issue. I couldn't do that living in Southern Ontario. Everything would be so much more weary producing, and no doubt I'd miss most of the important things my kids are involved in.

Last night my daughter Martha and I took Lily for a walk after the sun had completely gone to sleep. Our walk took us down our quiet street and up a path to a small field........initially our chatter consisted of sharing a few snippets from our individual days until we looked up into the sky from where we were standing in the little field. The whole sky was filled with stars............millions and millions of stars winking down on us. With very little artificial light around us, we could see even the tiny pinprick stars that would be lost from the view from a city. Views like that truly leave you whispering in awe.

Lucky and blessed, on so many levels. I loved sharing that quiet moment of grace with her. We stood there for a period of time oblivious to the cold night air, soaking in the canvas, whispering our acknowledgement of how lucky we really are. Who knows, maybe one day when she's having a tough day like we all do, Martha will channel her thinking back to one of these whispering awe moments to help anchor her back to where she belongs. I know I do.


Baby-Sweet-Pea said...

Beauty like this can only be produced by something truly Amazing. I'll take this view over street signs and building facades anyday.

Marja said...

What an amazing photo's, Dana. You are lucky to live in a wonderful place. It makes you really be alive. We have here a really clear sky at night and we can see here many stars as well. I would love to sleep under the stars one day in summer. We planned to do that on a camp but didn't work out, but it is still one of my wishes.

Awareness said...

Baby SP.....I agree with you. I only have to experience an open air Mass such as this and my faith is reinforced.

Marja...Thank you. I encourage you to do that. It's been a while since I slept under the stars, but there's nothing like it.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing. Good for you for taking the time to enjoy it. So many people live in amazing places and don't ever look up! :)

Gypsy said...

I wouldn't leave my little rural patch for the world. Sometimes I get tired of all the travelling to get anywhere but it's always worth the inconvenience when I look around and breathe in the fresh air of home.

Lovely photos Dana and I'm so happy to hear of someone enjoying the glory that's around them.

Under there... said...

You know I am pretty sure that I would find it a whole lot easier to be spiritual with a view like this. It is daily bread for the soul.