Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wordless wednesday.......les homards

nothing like some tasty gourmet bottom feeders
bring on the melted butter
don't forget the french white


Gypsy said...

OOOoooohhhhh...delicious. I'm on my way.

Ivanhoe said...

Great shot! I don't eat seafood so there's mor for you :o) Happy WW!

marcia said...

that fluctuates for me between beauty and a little nauseating LOL:)

Baby-Sweet-Pea said...

YUMMY!!!! Great picture.

Canuckguy said...

So are the lobsters wading up Queen street?

Awareness said...

gypsy.....Lobster is plentiful! It's best to eat with a crowd of fun people.

ivanhoe....i'm not much of one either, but can consumed a bit of lobster if coerced. :)

marcia.....that's exactly how i feel about lobster, especially if i'm the one cooking the little buggers. And, personally I try not to think of them as bottom feeders. My mother in law used to talk about how lobster was considered a "cheap" meat that poorer kids put in their sandwiches for lunch at school when she was young.......i've always wondered how they ended up becoming so revered!!
bsp...thanks! I took it last summer right after they had been pulled out of the pot. they were eaten outside on a front, wine, friends, lobster and good music. such a maritime tradition. :)

canuckguy! lol! why yes they are......waded right up to my office window and i snatched them as they were heading towards the legislature.
Actually? they are foreigners. caught, cooked and consumed on the Parrsboro shore in NS. We got them right out of the lobster boat.....the only way don't you think?

I've had northern NB lobster once on a beautiful beach near your neck of the woods too. yummy.