Wednesday, February 13, 2008

love stories........

This afternoon, I was home early due to the unrelenting snowstorms we are having this winter and was listening to Jian Ghomeshi's show "Q" on the CBC radio. They had a little write-in contest happening..... a challenge to write a love story in 6 words. A few were read aloud, and I was so surprised at how one could offer up a whole love story picture in 6 little words. Here's a link to Q's Blog and comment section......LOTS of hilarious entries.
As I putted around the kitchen making dinner, I began jotting down a few and decided for Valentine's Day, I would post a couple..........

His eyes told her she's desired.

for a second chance

Breakfast in bed with whipped cream

Sunday papers
Hot coffee
Sharing silence

End of the day reflection sharing

Sipping Cointreau, looking over at her.

The stories came tripping out of me.....faster than I could jot them down. What FuN!

Duvet diving
cold feet
warm love

Afternoon delight at No Tell Motel.

Naked honesty accepting our beautiful imperfections.

NOW ALL OF YOU OUT THERE...including lurkers who don't normally leave comments...I would love to read your attempts!! Will you leave me a 6 word love story??? C'mon...... it's easier than you think. Let your imagination go for a short ride.

Candlelight slow dance, a world away.

Love's packaged in spicy cinnamon hearts.

I'm still here waiting for you.

Happy Valentines Day. Love to you.

I am here. where are you?


freebird said...

Handpicked flowers
in a vase, waiting.

Cold outside.
I fed the goats.

They've got a puppy.
Want it?

Barbara said...

Longing with desire for his touch.

Sharing their secrets with a smile.

Deep penetrating love like no other.

GraceBeading said...

Make me late for work... again

You're the best - yesterday, today, always

Be my safe place to fall.

Gypsy said...

My loving arms need you here.

Love me with your passionate abandon.

Flattery and flowers are always welcome.

My empty heart will envelop yours.

I could go on but won't :)

Disillusioned said...

Someone I can trust, at last.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Feeding each other chocolate kisses.

Hugs, Kisses, Sighs, Repeat Many Times.

Happy Valentines Day to you, my dear Awareness!

Awareness said...

Freebird....welcome. There's nothing like showing the one you love LOVE by going outside on a cold morning to feed the goats. love it!

Layla....your stories sizzle.

Grace. These would make great songs. I "hear" your first story...."make me late for work...again" as a great country song a la Faith Hill and Tim McGraw?

Gypsy...I knew i could count on you to offer up some beautiful yearning stories. thank you.

Caroline........ah.......isn't it wonderful when one finds that person??

Naomi....Feeding each other chocolate kisses...would be a PERFECT line for a Hershey chocolate commercial....I can picture an elderly couple on their front porch sitting together. The Wife unwraps a "kiss" leans over and lovingly feeds it to her husband.

Awareness said...

dress up
pants down
horizontal rumble.

Yes! Yes! Oh God! Yes! Yes!

Why dont you call me anymore?

He surprised her with stirring whispers

Gypsy said...

Love those first two you saucy wench!!!

taycreekcropper said...

Love is....sight, sound, blind, deaf.

Sweetheart, I will always love you

How's that?

Your versions were much better :o)

paris parfait said...

Candlelight softens time's touch, love glows.

Happy Valentine's Day, Dana! xoxox

Ellen said...

Sharing a moment... munching on love.

Multi-colored roses comprising passionate shared dreams.

Loads of messy sloppy chocolate kisses.

A knowing look after many years.

Looking for love... finding your heart.

...... just to submit a few to your Valentines post today. I love the one about the no-tell motel. Too cute!

Rainbow dreams said...

eyes meet, smouldering senses, electricity sparks

dark, smoky, senseless magic, questioning dreams

alcohol infused passion turns into fire

Calia77 said...

Strong arms hold me tight. Love.

Marja said...

window waterdrops melting
into one drop

two dark eyes
creat bright smile

all thoughts are about the one

heart given please give heart back

dance drink talk laugh forever together

Mark said...

- Souls united, spirit, mind and body!

- Lost in her eyes, found in her heart.

Great idea! THanks for sharing.

Awareness said...

gypsy....sorry for not replying to your comment right away....i was busy being a saucy wench last night. :)

Tay.....I'm SO pleased you left your fingerprints here! Thanks.

Tara.....candlelight does wonders.

ELLEN! Welcome back. I love your additions. Here's are two others.....

Where the hell have you been?

You've been missed my blogging friend.

Katie....Good smouldering romance in yours! Of course, just the right amount of alcohol will do, right?

Callia.....good one.

Marja....Terrific additions.

Mark....THANK you for representing the male species. Here's another..

Where the heck are the men?

Awareness said...

It takes two to tango. Wanna?

He left for milk. No return.

Wishing you were here with me.

Silent heartbreak ringing in his soul.

altermyworld said...

cradled in your arms, content love.


PS Happy love day,


Barbara said...

Dana, what a great response to your post, I loved reading these!

Hmmm, I just re-read mine and blushed.

Bop said...

What fun!

A little late, since I am mostly a lurker, but I'll try my hand with ...

Knowing glances meet across crowded rooms.