Sunday, February 17, 2008


growth of possibilities

Take a step away from "if" towards "when" and "how" and see how possibility LEAPS off the page of dreams. A wish just may turn into a plan. Winter seems to be a time to generate many "ifs....." a time to let them germinate while still needing sleep until it can reach a idea form. Sometimes they will continue to grow with strength. Sometimes the timing just isn't right yet and it needs to lay dormant for a while longer. Sometimes, it may need a boost of faith fertilizer to keep possibility in the mix. It depends on how much you want to nuture much you want it.

Possibilities..........what a great hopeful that has a taste of a miracle in it's pronounciation. Possibilities happen one step away from "if"


Marja said...

The unfolding leaves on the picture suit your words. Vague dreams will become concrete and visible if you make plans, set goals and than....carry them out.
What stops us

Robert said...

I think DR Suess would have really liked your writing dana :) you manage to promote such imagination and wonder in all your posts. Leaving one to broaden their horizons and leave the humdrum behind. Like marja asks what keeps us from exploring all possibilities??? why is there always a pull to keep us from growing,expanding,reaching beyond thank you for challenging us to ignore that tug and still go for it dana!!!

Rainbow dreams said...

we need to hang onto when and how and know that possibility is all around us waiting to show itself...
waiting to reveal hidden potential as yet undiscovered..

if is a very 'ifffy' word....vague and non commital. We can spend too long with the if's and maybe's and not long enough with the more exciting go getting possibilities.

Sometimes things seem to take forEVER though...!!

Awareness said...

Marja...I'm glad you saw the photo connection. :) What stops us? So many variables really. It depends on the dream/goal.....sometimes determination and focus isn't enough. Money, opportunity, life circumstances, health, family commitment, fear, self-esteem.....the list is endless don't you think? It's amazing we can get our acts together to tackle any of our dreams. It takes a great deal of fortitude, but also compromise and collaboration.....on top of a clear vision.

Robert...I LOVE the Dr. Seuss comparison.....thank you. He's a hero of mine. I didn't have him in mind when I wrote it and now I want to change the piece to make it my rhyming and more playful...I'll keep that in mind.

I do believe we need to go for it every once in a while. It is what makes our lives fulfilling and exciting!

Katie.....My GOD it does take a while sometimes to grab hold of possibilities. For the most part I think we need to make them happen and not wait for them to show up.
We can get caught up in the "ifs" and then all of a sudden years go by. Looking back on my writing and the topics I've covered (and the repetition of them) I found that I am feeling less and less stuck in the land of "ifs"....simply the realization that I was stuck and I was repeating myself was a kick in the awareness pants. :)

Life can be random.........or you can take a hold of the steering wheel.

Barbara said...

This fits PERFECTLY with where I am right now.

Tori said...

Your words not only resonate with my but they propel me forward....The last comments you left with me really resonated and I wrote about them today.
Thank you for coming into my life.

Awareness said... know I think we are all in the same boat. It's strange, isn't it?

Tori.....I'm feeling propelled today too!

Calia77 said...

I've been mulling on this for a while. So many ifs in my life at the moment, with one HUGE if. Things are slowly moving on the big if. I was encouraged by your post. I was also encouraged this morning by a daily devotional urging me to keep my dreams alive (, so I shall definitely do that. I'm looking forward to the possibilities.

Awareness said...

Calia....I wish you well......thank you for this too!