Friday, February 25, 2011

lingering thoughts........

 early morning shot of my street in February

Late night thoughts......... smoke curling lingering threads so delicately balanced in my heart.  Wisps of mellow musings that are keeping me tiredly awake with their lack of answers.  Mysteries of how much we are attached to one another through experiences and emotions even though we hardly know one another fill my midnight thoughts as I reach out to envision what is happening in my community at this hour.

How many are quietly pacing the floors with a newborn in their arms?
How many are working to help someone sick in a hospital bed away from their families?
How many are out bars dancing their reality away?
How many are at the same bars swallowing their worries?
How many humans are lonely tonight?
How many are wrapped in the arms of a love?
How many have yearnings that seem impossible to conquer?
How many are celebrating a milestone?
How many people are staring at the ceiling in their bedrooms hoping for elusive sleep to find them?
How many are walking the streets looking for a ceiling to stare at?
How many have checked into the homeless shelter and are now trying to sleep amongst the snoring smell of unwashed feet?
How many have just finished their prayers?
How many are curled up on the couch reading a rivetting novel?
How about the students burning light while hoping that they can get their essay done by deadline tomorrow?
How many folks are packing a suitcase for a business trip?
Who is getting away on a much needed vacation, worried that the pending snowstorm will alter their plans?

How is the couple next door?  What about the woman I never see who lives across the street from me?  How is she, hidden behind her closed curtains?  I don't even know her name and she's been living across the street from me for years.

How are my children?  What are their thoughts?  I ask but, they only provide some.  Others are secret.  Just like me and you.  We keep many of our thoughts to ourselves.  Still, I ask..........Are they really going to get through this without too many scars and sadness over their parents screwing up?  They sleep soundly tonight as I write this.  I know because I've checked on them twice.... all snug and wrapped up in their duvets.  My wish for them is for big beautiful dreams........ their very own to come true.  I will do my best to help them attain them.  Loves of my heart.  

How many people have found new love?  More love?  True love?
How many feel that at middle age, perhaps they need to make big changes in their lives while they still can? 
Is there a baby being born at this minute?
Is there someone out there in my community taking their last breath?

Any eureka moments happening out there?
What about a person who has just figured it out?! I bet they are feeling relief.  I bet they are smiling too.
Who is in their kitchen making a midnight snack?
Who is enjoying some late night TV?
Music?  Who is listening to their favourite piece of music right about now? 
I bet there is a young couple out there somewhere coping with a croupy child.  Bless them! May they find respite soon!

How many are content? 
How many humans are exactly where they want to be? 
How many are up talking to a loved one reflecting on their days?  I miss that. Boy, do I miss that.
How many want more, more, more......... they just can't fill their boots enough to find satisfaction?
How many felt joy sometime today? 
How many succumbed to the ache of unbridled lovemaking?
What about frustration? Anger?  Grief? Confusion?  Anxiety?  Did you feel any of those biggies?
Were you nervous about something today?  What was it all about?
What is the person doing who is racked with guilt right now?

How about the human being who has softened into a sofa of satisfaction after a long day of taking risks, sticking their neck out, helping others and simply accomplishing a few goals they had today?  Can't you hear their sigh of fatigue just about now?  Good on them!  

Lingering threads, all wispy unanswered musings flow in and around me as they flow in and around you..... WE are connected you know?  What impacts you in your life impacts me in mine.  We can help one another, support one another, celebrate with one another as our lives intertwine through the magic of empathic wonderment.  Just thinking of everyone and wondering about their daily peaks and dips in their lives most certainly helps me find my balance in the middle of the pack.  

What is mine is yours.  What is yours is mine.  Let's figure it out together, shall we?

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