Monday, November 21, 2011

jumpy monkey thoughts......

Certainty is a scarce commodity in high demand.  We want the truth.  WE demand to know the facts, the details, the credible rather than the incredible.  Feed me assurance, we say.   Don't leave me hanging like a dangling participle, we demand.  Give me certainty!  A whole punch bowl filled with it!

Life doesn't work like that.  Most of the time we live in mid-air subjectivity, anxious to find safe ground.  We touchdown on that safe ground and before we know it, we bounce back up in the air, arms flailing, legs splayed.  Trampolines are what we crave! NOT certainty! 

The longer we feel a sense of security that anchors us to knowing and believing with unequivocal assurance,  the more our urge intensifies to add a new bouncy spice into our lives.  As much as we seek out certainty to own it, we quickly realize we just want to rent it. Just for a breather.  Just for a little while. 

Today, I need that breather.   I need to feel that dollop of reassurance that all will work out just fine.  Financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  The whole enchilada!  Just a little safety net made of soft down to catch me, to rock me, to take the load off my shoulders and the growling from my stomach.   A bouquet of blossoming care I can hold onto with my hands.  To inhale its sweet aromatic comfort. 

But, I know its not within my outward reach.  It never will be.   No ........ its inside.  I've got to reach deep inside for that relaxin' comfort.  For a reprieve.  Its in my control how to react/respond/act.  This very thought?  Gives me strength.  Produces a smile.

I am fine.  I am.  Because I know this one rule.  Don't ever ever believe everything you think.  Some of them are only jumpy monkey thoughts and you know where they lead you? 

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