Friday, September 09, 2011

radical beauty

 Bonavista Island,  Perce Quebec

Our lives are comprised of opportunities to view both internally and externally moments of recognizing beauty.  The presence of radical beauty, however,  is an awakening so forceful it leaves you bewildered by its balm. Electrified by its energy.  Held by loving hands.  Kissed by bliss.  Left naked in a place that straddles fear and courage.  The choice is ours which way we eventually lean after its vital spirit moves on.........

Radical beauty is a bulls-eye to the heart and soul comprised of a wild surge of feelings. It's like standing under a cascading waterfall drenched by its arrival. When we encounter one of these trembling moments, we are knocked us off balance by its surprising force.  

Radical beauty quickly strips away the sludgey complications of a stress filled life and leaves a twinkling smiling desire.  Raw vulnerability transforms into naked grace.  Confident love.  In the now.  Poignantly more intense when it happens when our vulnerable hearts need massaging.  It grabs hold of our attention, and shapes our focus.  Regular ticking time alters its distance.  Breathing happens without our awareness.  

These sacred moments in our ordinary lives are difficult to describe with the words we have. Its a spiritual voyage beyond meaning-full words.  If we're blessed to share this intimately with another? When we are given the gift of seeing our own beauty reflected in the eyes of another, it can literally take away breath.  Alter our lives.   Radical beauty fills our pores with love and belonging. It tickles the temples of compassion as well as the protective pulse of anxiety.  

There is no denying it.   As much as you may want to. 

 U2 concert, July 2011

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