Friday, March 25, 2011


Spring, the season of delight begins with discoveries so enchanting it lifts spirits out of cocoons and offers the gift of wings. 

Softly coloured lightness, delight touches hearts with whisper breezes that tickle like pink feather boas wrapped with spontaneous glee.  

With crocus determination, it turns trouble into carefree bubbles on a blue sky canvas freeing our hope once overshadowed by heavy linen. 

Delight pleases the senses, sending rippling goose bumps up our barefooted limbs until it reaches our lips leaving wide smiles.  Wide eyed smiles.

Delight is....

Daffodil giggles ruffling in tall grass.
Pleasing music strummed by revelation.
Shared laughter of little girls skipping on the street.
Mirth that decorate spiritwings with iridescent flutter finery
Melting chocolate surprises on awakening taste buds
Chickie peeps celebrating their feathery birth.

Delight is......

the dawning of wonder.  
the first note of renewal.
the awakening of love
the yeast rising in joy
the emerging tip of grace
that leads to a wondrous sense of gratitude....... 


Carmi said...

Just the right slice of observational brilliance needed to end the week on the right note. You always manage to capture tone in ways I wish I could.

BTW, I loved your Thematic suggestion for March Madness. So I used it! Muchos gracias, my friend...we're in for a neat photographic week.

Jan Timmons said...

Indeed! Loved the concept and seeing the photos. I followed's blog to Carmi to your site. Bookmarked. Think I'd best add to my site to share with writer friends, too.

awareness said...

Carmi...thank you. It was the topic word used for a weekly lunch for Lent I've been attending. My thoughts generated from the conversations.

Jan... thank you Jan. I've been so busy and a little bit unfocused for far too long that it has impacted my amount of writing as well as visiting others sites. I intend to get back on track as soon as I am able to find my discipline again.