Sunday, October 17, 2010


True passion is never beige.  Nor is it bland.  It can simmer, but it usually sizzles.  It is the heat that fuels dreams.  It can also be so molten hot it blinds you.  Somewhere in between the extremes, passion can be used to make things happen.

Passion stokes the fire behind a speech, feeds the hungry desire under the sheets, seasons the salt in the tears, steers the reasoning inside the drive, slams the brakes on an argument.  It can certainly fuel one too.  Clashing passions propel us straight into the heart of fury.

Passion can be what frees you from submission, or what shackles you to a one angled view of an issue.  And if it can hook up with your destiny, it will carry you across the threshold of hesitation into an emerging rhythm of confident purpose.  Action takes over when you answer the calling and crossover.  Are you willing to take that step?

The bright radiance of its hope can lift you UP to a place where the senses are heightened with the vibrancy of blue sky clarity.  Or it can overwhelm you with fear so forceful paralysis kicks in.  How do you find  that place where you are able to channel it productively?

From elation to determination..... from fascination to frustration  ..... from rapture to disaster ..... from mania to misery ..... Can you imagine life without it?   Can you imagine how dull life would be if we never got to swing to and fro until we found the in between?

Over the past week, I have had the privilege of being around people who have shared their dreams, hopes, and energy with me.  I've seen it harnessed in some, untapped in others.  I have seen its ire rise up in an outpouring of indignation.   I've witnessed opposing passions clash and it wasn't pretty.  For some reason, it has been a theme of sorts....... or maybe I'm just more aware of it this week than I usually am.  

Whatever the case, it has made things much spicier.  I like spice.  I like the spirited colour of it presence.  

Magenta Sunsets .  Peacock Plumes. Tangerine Dreams.  Autumn Maples. Lemon Pie.  Candy Flossed.  Fire Engine Sirens.  Lime Sherbet.

May it always be in and around me ........ and may it always be recognized as a Spirit Messenger with much to say.


JP/deb said...

I feel the energy and passion in your words - splendid!

Anonymous said...

I hope I never lose my passion.

TheMuddledMarketPlace said...

this weekend, i also was around those with a passion.

it's preferable to beige

Anonymous said...

Passion , yes. But keep in mind that unbridled passion can sometimes make you act inappropriately and completely out of character.

I know of what I speak....

awareness said...

Deb....thank you. It was a struggle to stay on task. Passion has such broad meaning and power. too. and i hope I never lose the ability to channel it into creative endeavours.

MMP. Don't you love that feeling to be around folks who are just full of that light? It is inspiring as well as makes you feel more energetic as well.

Anon. Unbridled passion is the achilles heel of the emotion isn't it? We have all been there before..... overwhelmed by the feelings, which in turn impact our thinking and our actions.

shelia said...

"I like spice. I like the spirited colour of it's presence." Here! Here!!

Anonymous said...


I live for it but I fear it.

I'm working so hard to use it for 'the good'. I laughed when I typed that.

Anonymous said...

See....I don't think that what we do is "out of character".
I think it's all part of who we are.
We oppress certain behaviors because they're socially unacceptable, and that's necessary.

And when I say I want to use my passion "for the good", I don't exactly mean societies expectations of good.
I mean, to live a good life, full of passion and love and mistakes and forgiveness and grace.