Friday, October 15, 2010

in from the chill

Autumn has a teasing paradoxical soul heaped with both gratitude and scorn, bountiful harvests of plenty and bereft fields littered with discarded misfits. Colourful and muted.  It flirtatiously engages you with its vibrant reds and yellows and then grounds you with it's russet tones.

Autumn has a soulful melancholy lament when the frost-nipped wind is allowed to bellow and moan, bending the trees desperately trying to hold on to their youth.  Brittle bone leaves rattle-cackle as they tumble on grey pavement.  On the other hand, chilly cheeks and rosy lips nipped by the invitation from  the brisk air remind us that there is life in its sharp eyed allure in its breath. 

It's turning cold.  Night drapes early, echoing a bluesy cadence.  Stars shimmer a vibrant delight, flirting with harmonic blues. Inside, embers glow heat.  Light flickers a welcome to cocoon under soft fleece, to sip tea, to sit close, to rediscover the meaning of growing old together. 
Come in from the chill.......sit close with me by the fire.  It's time to share a few secrets only spoken on a cold autumn night....Time to come inside to enjoy the comforts of cozy talk, red wool socks, of quiet love, of slow dancing.  Let us celebrate life as this paradoxical season shifts into hibernation. 

this week's Photo theme is "turning cold...."  For more interpretations and variations, check out Carmi's blog right here!


A Paperback Writer said...

Wow. Nice ways of capturing light! I've never tried photographing a candle before. I never even thought of it. I am impressed.

Eye-shuh said...

AH I love the expression of autumn. It excited me to read :) Its a perfect idea of all that it is. Its beautiful. Nice picture as well!

Brother David said...

Ooooo, I needed to pull up the covers when I read that and could feel the cold breath of a frosty morning. It is still quite mild here in the UK but there is a sense of winter just round the corner. Logs are waiting for the fire and the larder is heavily stocked with preserves.

Liara Covert said...

Found you on the Naked Soul blog. Fall or autumn in Canada is brisk and colorful.The photography reminds us the wonders of nature.

awareness said...

Hey PW, I love taking photos of candles and different lights....I love the reflective shimmer and the stop/time feeling it has.

let me know how your attempts turn out.

Eye-shuh.... Autumn has so many textural layers to it. I also find it is the time of year that my brain is the most creative and thirsty for outlets. We turn inside when the weather changes.

David... I like the sense of winter coming. It awakens my muse. We have been very lucky here... a few cold mornings, but mostly warm. I've been out and about today just in my jean shirt. No coat or socks either. :) The colours are extraordinary.... to a point where they almost seem unreal. You would love the woods and the shorelines around here right now.

Liara... It is such a burst of brilliance. Love it.

Carmi said...

These have such an ethereal, impressionistic quality to them, and I'm not so much seeing these scenes as I am feeling them.

I know that makes no sense, but you have a natural way of conveying tone and thought that few others can even approach. I'm so glad you gifted us with these, Dana.

May your autumn evenings always be filled with the warm glow of goodness. Come to think of it, your other three seasons should follow suit.

janie said...

I'm with Carmi, powerfully evocative.
And your prose is delightful.

awareness said...

Carmi... thank you. I was trying to capture the "ethereal-ness" of that photo but felt I had been heavy handed in this piece.

Janie. Welcome! And thank you. I took the photo last November at twilight. Every time I've looked at it, I get a haunting sense from it.