Thursday, December 22, 2005

Turning the Heat Up.

The biggest disagreement between Canadians is the topic of unity. How ironic.
Yesterday's playground fight between Martin and Harper allows this disagreement to continue. Like putting another stick into the woodstove, this campaign is heating up real good. Even before the election was called, Martin was espousing his "I love Canada" mantra, which seems to have mesmerized some voters outside of Quebec, and has stoked the separatistes fire within. Harper finally came forward and pointed out this tactic......that Martin would like to see the PQ elected so that that the Liberals can don the role of defenders of national unity.
That was how I had read it..............didn't you?
Trembling and playing the role of "shook up PM", Mr. Martin said yesterday that his opponent had stepped over the line of common courtesy. He said he would never make such a suggestion about Mr. Harper, and Mr. Harper shouldn't make it about him.

"As different as our views might be, I would never for a moment suggest that Stephen Harper would prefer, for partisan political reasons, to see a separatist victory," he said in Halifax. "As a Quebecker, as a lifelong federalist, and as the Prime Minister of Canada, I believe that I am entitled to the same courtesy from Mr. Harper and frankly, as a matter of basic courtesy, I'd like to hear him say it."
Using National Unity as a dramatic tool to stoke the campaign fire and to redirect attention away from the sponsorship scandal is the only clear gameplan that the Liberals have presented to the voter so far. It's a very scary roll of the that a "lifelong federalist" would choose only if he is feeling the fire lapping up his pant legs.

"Seek to live in harmony with all your neighbours; live in amity with your brethren." Confucius

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