Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jiffy Pop and Hops.

There's a fine line between a healthy dose of displaying a sense of loyalty and worshipping someone. So, what happens when a Liberal Director of Communications for the PMO who has crossed that line and is allowed to bellow out derogatory put downs to the Canadian public?
The worshippee and the leader sit around drinking beer and eating popcorn, while complimenting one another........"you're great"............"no, you're greater"........"no, you're even greater....."
There are many people in high places whose egos necessitate the need to be worshipped. Consequently, they surround themselves with starry-eyed lambs who build a fortresses around them and block out any flow of fresh air that could possibly bring in a dose of reality; a different perception. Bias clouds even the best minds.
Surprisingly, this election has begun on a high road. We have been offered ideas, clear options, and issues to consider, rather than the hideous verbal slaughtering we witnessed 18 months ago. It is more intelligent and respectful to Canadian voters, which makes the "popcorn and beer gaffe" seem all the more repugnant. What Scott Reid did in one statement was denigrate the whole issue of quality childcare. He should feel sheepish.
With the first official debate only a day away, let's hope that the other leaders don't take the party bashing bait dished out by the Liberals. Let's hope for an intelligent display of political fencing and footwork that sparks the voters to really think about who they want to support.

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