Friday, April 01, 2011


We grow dreams in the fertile soil of our imagination.  We see their apparitions in the haze of a crackling bonfire, in the mist off the river, in the heart of a cloud moving across the sky.  Sketches of dreams dance in the night sky, unravel along a quiet stretch of highway, form in the opening of a meditation, stir in water circles after the strong pull of a paddle.

These wish-full, wist-full yearnings have the strength to push against those nasty walls of doubt that stall us into believing it was just a foolish idea.  "Nothing more than silly childishness," states the writing on the walls.  But the dream desires pare down the negativity and use the moments of doubt as food for thought.  "Your obstacles are food for thought..." is the reply...  A chance to shift perspectives, to fine tune.  Doubt can motivate, generate, irritate.  We need doubt to help enhance the broadness of a dream.....

Hope and optimism and a little bit of luck nourish them as we set up a plan to provide the sunshine and water needed to nurse them towards fruition.  Some wilt and die.  We let them go.  Surrendered after grieving them as our creative friends who may have accompanied us for a long time.  

Sometimes dead dreams turn into mulch for other dreams........ ideas retooled, re-gazed under a new lens.  They may have had good roots to begin with but previous attempts to grow into blossom just didn't pan out.  We can use the gifts left and blow the rest of it away.   Other times, a dream has run its course or the conditions just aren't right for the moment.  For those ones, we allow them to turn to ash.  Ash is good fertilizer for future soil. 

Vivid dreams collect momentum once we have a clearer understanding of ourselves.  The more we learn about what we are capable of, what our yearnings tell us..... the more we learn about what it is we believe in, dreams become tangible.  Putting words to them, sharing them, listening to the opinions of others whom we trust, testing the waters by dipping one's toe into the imagery, all help us move closer to a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that accompanies the fruition of a dream.  

Interestingly, the best kind of dreams......... the ones that seem outlandish but desirable, doable but daring ..... come to us when we allow ourselves to be foolish.  Foolishly flexible to think beyond our lives, beyond our small worlds.  Where would this world be now without the Fools who have the fortitude and confidence to walk past the naysayers, the critics?  

What inventions, paintings, events, tools, anything new really would we have missed because we slammed shut the door of possibility for the Fools who want to take a risky chance on a dream?  This world would be in a very different place.  Some may think that perhaps we should slam shut the door.  This world is in a mess.  

Maybe its the Fools who have brought us to the brink of global chaos many ponder.....Maybe the ones who have leadership responsibilities in society are recognized as Fools.  I'd categorize them under Fool's Gold.  Not real.  Tempting sorts. Phoney. Devilish. Counterfeit.  Untrustworthy foolish dreamers are the bane of our chaos.  We have enough of these floating around creating havoc while feeding their egos.  We give them way to much attention and airtime. Silly ego driven fools with dreams that put themselves front and centre. 

Perhaps we need to pay more attention to the one Fool who stands on the margins of community developed propriety and rigid rules.  Maybe they are the ones we should listen to, encourage and applaud?  The Fools.  With the integrity dreams.  Good wholesome, helping the world out, reaching for the light in the stars right dreams.  

Today, I met with a young man fresh out of high school which he hated so much, he drifted through the motions.  Now, he drives the midnight shift.  He arrived unannounced, tired and tongue tied from working.  A little confused about how to start, he finally spilled and spelled out his dream.  He had a plan.  He had always had it....... life long dream unfolding.  Initially from where I sat, the dream seemed too big!  I didn't know the depth of his yearning, nor did I know if it was feasible.  He was a voice from the margins.  Barely scraping by, wondering if he had blown his chances of pursuing the career he really wanted because he floated through high school and left with poor marks.  

Architecture.  He wants to build.   The more he shared, the more encouraged that his beautiful foolish dream could be attained.  With some more direction.  With sheer determination and focus.  He has the gifts.  He needs the fertile soil, the hope and optimism of others around him.  I'm sure he's heard from more than one person in his life.... "you're crazy!  You can't do that!"  But, he's motivated and foolish enough to take this dream of his right to fruition.  I heard it in the timbre of his voice as it grew stronger. 

Today, I also sat with a young man whose dream may be expiring.  As much as he wants it.  As much as he can taste the sweet nectar of accomplishment too many factors are blocking his ability to take his dream to fruition.  A heartbreaker for sure.  His journey has been long and complicated.  He has tried his best, and now he and I are working through the grief of possibly letting go of that dream image he has had in his head and heart for a long time.  We are working at salvaging the good bits, the roots of his dream to see if we can graft it into another possibility.... one that may be more realistic. .... more achievable. 

Today, I realized just how often I am a dream catcher and sounding board.  Every single human being I come into contact with during my workday (and at night when I morph into being a Momma) has a dream.  Or two.  Or three.  I am blessed to be the one who they trust to share it with and to share the frustrations and setbacks with.   They are my daily inspiration!!  It is a blessing and an honour........ and its hard work to help them clarify, dissect, develop, decide, drop, move on, grab hold of, seek more help....... all in a dream frame.  But, I wouldn't miss it for the world because when every single person walks across the stage to receive that diploma in June, I will be the one standing off to the side full of pride for them, full of enthusiasm for those human beings.   Dream fruition.  Can it be more delectable that that? 

And the ones who pop into my office for a chance to explore the initial stages of their dreams?   The ones who are still on the periphery of decision making.  Well, I hope they know I'm in their corner too and that they will keep in touch as they take the baby steps needed to move forward.......  Chances are I may never see many of them again.  I was simply a step in their journey of career exploration.  But, I do hope they will drop me an email from time to time.  I love receiving emails from Fools who have started off in the margins and have made strides towards being a part of a bigger world full of fools doing the same thing..... Dreaming.  

It is now past midnight............April 1rst is upon us.  A day for Fools.  May we all recognize and admire the beautiful fools all around us........ and may we be inspired to allow one of own crazy dreams we are afraid to give oxygen to be filled with the spirit of life.  Give it a name.  Draw it out on paper, in words, in pictures.  Start from there.   See if it is one you can bring to fruition.  Don't let fear be the stopper.   As my new friend the night shift cabbie said today.... "Life is too short.... I want to make the most of my life.  I want to dream big.  I want to be an Architect.  Where do I start???" 

And I said....."right here.  Consider yourself started!"

Happy April Fools Day everyone!   Go for it!

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